Male DSH Tuxedo
Born Jun-1997
Dx Apr-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated May-2006

Regulated between 90 and 250

Honeymoon ended Aug 2011, back on insulin after 5 years OTJ!

Remission Sept-2006
Insulin BCP PZI

Sparky was impossible to regulate prior to our diet change. I believe that we once broke glucose toxicity and were regulated shortly until our bottle of insulin started losing its potency. Eventually the low carb wet food diet began to work and his insulin was reduced quickly until has in remission, or a honeymoon. At first we had to shoot at +14 pretty consistently. (See below numbers) He stayed in a diet-controlled remission for 6 years.

In August 2011 his diabetes returned and we began using Lantus. It should be noted that a few months prior to his diabetic relapse we began feeding him a slightly higher carb wet food.

Some excerpts of recent numbers after the diet change to wet low carb food:

9/11 amps 202 1.5u (+13) +10: 62 pmps 134 1.25u

9/12 amps 155 1.25u (+15) (NO PMPS SINCE PMPS 9/11 WAS REALLY EARLY THIS MORNING)

9/13 amps 185 1.25u (+17) pmps 196 1.25u

9/14 amps 119 (waited one hour and shot 1.25u) pmps 57 NO SHOT

9/15 amps 210 1u pmps 121 .75u

9/16 amps 153 .75u pmps 146 .75u

9/17 +12: 96 amps 131 .75u (+14) +12: 118 pmps 135 .75u (+14)

9/18 +12: 91 amps 126 .75u (+14) NO PMPS SINCE +12 RUNS INTO NEXT DAY

9/19 amps 199 1u (+19) +12: 86 pmps 156 .5u (+13)

9/20 +14: 103 amps 144 .5u (+17) NO PMPS SINCE +12 RUNS INTO NEXT DAY

9/21 amps 172 .5u (+17) +14: 80

9/22 +24: 91 +36: 129 +37: 179 .5u

9/23 +12: 103 +15: 100

9/24 +36: 132 +47: 127

9/25 +58: 136

He then stayed off insuling an his numbers slowly stayed below 110 consistently without insulin for SIX years, until we became more lax with his diet. He is now in the process of being re-regulated on Lanuts.

Further ReadingEdit

More at this url

UPDATE: Sparky went into remission on September 22, 2006 and has not needed insulin to date. We keep him on a low carb all canned diet and this has kept his BG levels in normal non diabetic range consistently for over a year now.

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