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Female Tabby mixed w/Maine Coon
Maisytub picture
Born Apr-1994
Dx Feb-2005
Oral meds none:
Regulated Not-yet

Regulated between 150 and 390

Not regulated yet...but getting there hopefully!! Maisy's preshots are in the mid two's to high 3's lately.

Remission Not-yet
Insulin No favorite insulin yet

Lantus survey resultsEdit

Posted by: Angela & Maisy (IP Logged) Date: November 4, 2005 01:23AM

Robin and Peri Wrote:

> 1.) When was your cat diagnosed with FD?

February 2005

> 2.) When did you start using Lantus and how long > till regulation?

Started using in July...not yet regulated :(

> 3.) Are you feeding your cat a low-carbohydrate > diet?

Absolutely!! smiling smiley

> 4.) Has your cat gone off of insulin?


> 5.) Are you considering changing to or from Lantus?

I'm not SURE at this point...She is getting a dental next week, and my vet dropped her to 2 units (from 4.5)..Was thinking on trying BCP PZI...But would like to get her dental done first, she has 2 bad teeth..sad smiley

Note: A month later, Maisy finally had her dental extraction done, and her blood glucose numbers lowered dramatically! --Steve E.g.:

As some of you know, Maisy had a great dental yesterday.
I got an A.M. PS today of 203 so I fed & gave a 1/2 unit to start and spotchecked:
this evenings PS at 7pm was 252..(Hmmm??) 
so I started her at 1 unit 
(where vet originally wanted me to start at anyways..)

October 2006.

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