CP Pharma is a UK-based, Indian-owned pharmaceuticals firm that makes animal insulins, as well as hospital drugs, generics, contract manufacturing and exports. All of their insulins are U100 strength. Their bovine neutral (R), bovine isophane (NPH) and complete porcine line of insulins are also available in cartridge form for the Owen Mumford Autopen.

Hypurin Insulins--Bovine

CP also produces Hypurin Vet Neutral (bovine R) and Hypurin Vet Protamine Zinc (bovine PZI) for distribution in the UK only, shown on Pages 9 & 10 of this pdf file. Should you opt to import from them, you will receive the same Hypurin insulins approved for human use.

Hypurin Insulins--Porcine

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