Iletin II R-pork R/Neutral insulin.

Porcine insulin (from pigs) is an exact amino acid match to that of dogs[1].

It differs from human insulin in one position. At B #30 on the B insulin chain, dogs and pigs have Alanine, while people have Threonine. It differs from bovine in two positions, both on the A insulin chain: pigs have Threonine at A #8 while cows have Alanine. At the #10 position on the A insulin chain, pigs have Isoleucine--cows have Valine.

Cats, like cows, both have Alanine in the A #8 and Valine in the A #10 positions. But cats have Histidine in the A #18 position--pork or pig insulin has Asparagine--making 3 amino acid differences between porcine insulin and feline[2].

Though this shows CP Pharma's Hypurin pork insulins[3], this information would also apply to Novo's Pork Insulatard, Pork Actrapid, and Pork Mixtard 30[4][5]. They can also be applied to compare these to Lilly's former Iletin II R and Iletin II NPH. The study at the link below found that pork R/Neutral is suitable to be used intravenously in cats[6]


Porcine insulin compared to Bovine, Human, and Feline versions. Up to three amino acids differ. Porcine and canine insulin are identical[7].

These insulins are natural and entirely or partly derived from pork (pig) sources. Only Iletin I R shown on the list below was a mixture of bovine and porcine insulins; it was composed primarily of beef (apx. 85/90%).

This means that they are identical to canine natural insulin, and a bit closer to feline than human insulin is.

Many humans also prefer porcine-based insulins, which are claimed by some to give a clearer warning of impending low blood sugar than the comparable human GE and analog insulins.

Porcine InsulinsEdit

Porcine Insulins

Short Acting



Hypurin Porcine Neutral
Hypurin Pork Regular


Pork Actrapid


Iletin II R
(No longer produced.)

Short Acting



Novo Semilente MC

Intermediate Acting



Hypurin Porcine Isophane
Hypurin Pork NPH


Pork Insulatard


Iletin II NPH
(No longer produced.)


Caninsulin, Vetsulin


Monotard Pork
(No longer produced.)


Iletin II Lente
(No longer produced.)

Intermediate Acting


R/Neutral 30%
NPH/isophane 70%

Hypurin Porcine 30/70 Mix

R/Neutral 30%
NPH/isophane 70%

Pork Mixtard 30

See also bovine insulins.

Further ReadingEdit

Case StudiesEdit




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