Date Event Comments
2005/11/05 Wiki founded by User:Steve and Jock Venita and Kathy joined within this week.
2006/08/30 Mentioned on US National Public Radio by Fortune's Adam Lashinsky Got the attention of Wikia, Inc.
2006/10/04 Wikia CEO Gil Penchina commends this wiki and offers to help with PR Thanks so much, Gil! Accepted gratefully!
2006/11/01 Pet Diabetes Month is good excuse to launch PR now. Press release work begins.
2006/11/09 Commendations Page collects endorsements from vets Dr. Hodgkins, Dr. Pierson, as well as Gil Penchina and Adam Lashinsky. Blurbs posted to main page. ...And Gil's and Mr. Lashinsky's were unsolicited!
2006/11/13 Press Release from Wikia goes to press. Find it here. Thanks, great work Sierra!

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