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Insuman Comb 25
R/Neutral/NPH/Isophane Mix by Aventis
intermediate-acting r-DNA/GE/GM
U100 isophane
Line Insuman
Also known as None
Similar to  


Action in cats  
  • onset Xh,
  • peak Xh
  • duration Xh
Action in dogs  
  • onset 0.5-3h,
  • peak 2-10h,
  • duration 4-24h
Use and Handling
Type cloudy
Shelf Life 24 months
When opened 4 weeks room temp.
In pen 4 weeks room temp.
  • protect from light and heat
  • Do Not Freeze
  • Do not use if product does not re-suspend
  • Roll
  • Do not use intravenously
  • Do not refrigerate in use pens/cartridges.

This 75% NPH/isophane crystal[1] and 25% R/neutral insulin mix[2][3] is intermediate-acting and made by Aventis as part of its Insuman line of products[4].


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  3. Insuman Prescribing Information
  4. Aventis Poster-Insuman & Lantus Insulins

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