A non-permanent form of diabetes. Some cases of transient diabetes can be resolved by spaying intact female animals, as the hormones released in their heat cycles is the cause. Many return to non-diabetic status after being spayed. Transient diabetes can also be brought about by the use of steroids. Ending the course of steroid treatment, may also allow the pet to revert to a non-diabetic state[1].

Transient diabetic cats can often be brought back to non-diabetic status, if quickly treated with insulin and tightly regulated for a week or two[2]. This is possible for a limited time window when the only cause of the diabetes is hyperglycemia itself.

See also: Secondary diabetes, Causes, Obstacles to regulation, Gestational diabetes

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  1. The Story of Peanut, a Kitten with Steroid-Induced Diabetes and his Recovery
  2. Understanding Feline Diabetes Mellitus -- Rand & Marshall

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